History of the Cathedral: chronological reference points

Chartres Cathedral, born from the spirit of a man, was first of all a human adventure a little crazy in the face of many opposing currents, an intuition, a vision towards God, through Mary.
It was modelled according to fires, conflicts and finances, according to the fashions of the time.
Integrated in an exceptional way into the conception that the Romanesque period had of the cosmos created by God (she faces the rising sun on the day of the summer solstice), she declined the “experimentation” of the Gothic through matter, traversed by light, the image of Man transcended by God, to the point of becoming flamboyant.
Today, it stands like a vessel that keeps its course, despite the storm…

The main lines of History

Chartres is a so ancient sanctuary that its origins, in the Gallic period, saw history and legend merge…

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Major dates

The major dates that have marked the construction and history of Notre-Dame…

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