Rules of procedure


Welcome to all, pilgrims, faithful and visitors.
Mary welcomes you to the home of her Son, a thousand-year-old place of devotion.

You are in a place of celebration and prayer. We expressly ask you to observe calm and silence and to adopt a respectful attitude.

Drinks and food must be consumed outside the cathedral.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, animals are not allowed, with the exception of dogs accompanying the visually impaired.

Proper and decent dress is required. No see-through clothing or beachwear.
Visitors unable to dress appropriately will be asked to wait outside the cathedral.
No ostentatious images or text on clothing.
Out of respect for the site, men must uncover (hat and cap).

Begging is not permitted in the cathedral or within the gates.
Canvassing, soliciting, or signing petitions is not permitted.

The church staff is present to welcome you, to ensure the safety of all, but also to enforce the police power of the assigning clergy.
Any disturbance observed or proven, any aggressive behavior, will lead to an exit from the cathedral.

The labyrinth is open for meditation on Fridays from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm during the summer season, unless a religious celebration or holiday is scheduled.
The labyrinth is an invitation to be ‘a pilgrim’. Its journey is done individually.
We ask that you:
– never make it an object of amusement or appropriation;
– to move forward at a regular pace, without stopping, attentive to each person’s progress;
– not to remain static in the center when the labyrinth is not discovered.

The organization of visits is subject to authorization. Upon arrival, guides must present their professional card at the group reception desk.
To maintain a quiet and contemplative atmosphere inside the cathedral, audiophone systems must be used for groups of 10 or more.
A contribution to cathedral security costs is required for each guided tour group.

During the celebrations: group visits are not permitted. Individual visits are tolerated with discretion and respect for worship.

The Vigipirate plan is applied in conjunction with the police and the prefecture; large backpacks or suitcases are forbidden, as are bicycles and scooters.

The church doesn’t receive any aid or subsidy; it is through your donations that you support the maintenance of the building and the continuation of the mission.