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Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.
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↪ You can buy or order your Crédencial:

  • at the Rectorate reception desk (16 Cloître Notre-Dame),
  • at the brasserie Le Serpente (south square of the cathedral),
  • at the association les Pèlerins de saint Jacques (+33 6 52 43 66 62).

↪ A stamp is available inside the cathedral:

  • at the Boutique located in the cathedral or at the audiophone booth,
  • at the priests’ reception desk,
  • in the sacristy.

Outside the cathedral, at the Rector’s Office (address section)

↪ A priest is available every day at the reception desk ocated in the cathedral (except Monday morning and Sunday morning) near Our Lady of the Pillar.

↪ The bread consecrated and distributed during Mass has a high significance for Catholics: it is the Body of Jesus Christ their Lord and God. If you do not share our faith in its presence, you may approach it with your hands crossed over your shoulders and receive God’s blessing.

↪ You can ask for a mass intention (18 euro offering) from the priest on duty at the Reception Office in the cathedral near Notre-Dame du Pilier, or at the Parish Secretariat (Rectorate, at 16 Notre-Dame cloister).
You can request an intention from a distance by contacting us by email, by phone, or directly from this website.


↪ Access to the cathedral is free. Only guided tours are charged.

↪ You can buy your tour tickets at the store inside the cathedral on the left as you enter under the north tower.

The opening hours are listed under the heading « Home/ the boutique ».

↪ It is not possible to make reservations for tours,

To obtain your ticket, please go to the store inside the cathedral, a few minutes before the tour begins (about 15 minutes before the scheduled time).

The Cathedral “Reception & Visits Service” offers private tours upon reservation. Rates and information in « Practical Informations / contact us ».

↪ No, it is not possible to reserve tickets online. Go to the store inside the cathedral, a few minutes before the start of your tour, to obtain a ticket.

↪ The cathedral remains open to the public during services.
Guided tours and the rental of videoguides are not permitted during Masses.

Public tours in English are possible, from May 2 to September 30, Tuesdays through Saturdays (not during a religious celebration).
Meeting point at the information sign inside the cathedral.

Private tours are also possible : please contact the Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’.

For group visits, please contact us for reservations.

↪ Tours of the cathedral are given in French.

↪ The cathedral rents videoguides at the store located at the entrance of the cathedral to follow a tour in foreign languages (see the videoguides section).

↪ Access to the crypt is reserved for prayer and pilgrimages.
To plan your pilgrimage, please contact us on
(+33) 02 37 21 75 02.

↪ The organization of tours is subject to authorization. Upon arrival, guides must present their professional card at the group reception desk.
In order to preserve an atmosphere of meditation and silence inside the cathedral, the use of audiophone systems is mandatory for groups of 10 or more people.
To obtain an accreditation, please send your request by email, at least 15 days before your visit.


↪ The labyrinth is open for meditation every Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (from the first Friday of Lent until the last Friday of October). The schedule may be modified in case of religious celebration (funeral, wedding, pilgrimage). Do not hesitate to consult the agenda before your visit.


↪ People with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs can access the cathedral via the ramp located to the right of the west portal.

A wheelchair is available for people with walking difficulties. You can request one from :

  • the Boutique located in the cathedral (+33) 6 12 79 44 65
  • the audiophone stand in the cathedral (+33) 6 19 73 15 48
  • the Reception & Visits Service (Monday to Friday) (+33) 2 37 21 75 02
  • the Rector’s Office (Monday to Saturday) (+33) 2 37 21 59 08

↪ Only therapeutic animals are allowed on the floor and on a leash in the cathedral upon presentation of a disability card indicating this.

Other animals are tolerated as long as they are held in the arms or put in an adapted bag. If their size does not allow them to be carried, they must remain outside the cathedral (outside the enclosure) and under imperative supervision.

↪ Proper and decent attire will be required. No see-through or beach wear. Visitors who cannot dress appropriately will be asked to wait outside the cathedral. No ostentatious images or text on clothing.
Out of respect for the place, men must uncover themselves (hat and cap).

↪ You will not be able to enter the cathedral with luggage, due to the Vigipirate Plan: however, you can drop it off at the Rectorate of the cathedral, located at 16 Cloître Notre-Dame.

↪ Yes, strollers are allowed inside the cathedral.

↪ You may photograph or film, but only for personal use.

If it is for a professional reason, you will have to ask for and obtain the common authorization of the Rectorate of the cathedral, and of the UDAP (Departmental Unit of Architecture and Heritage of Eure-et-Loir).

↪ You can contact the Secretariat of the Rectorate.

In the cathedral, the objects are deposited in the sacristy.

↪ Paying toilets are located on rue de Bethlehem on the square to the right of the west gate.

Other public toilets are located at the intersection of rue Georges Fessard and rue Charles Brune near the bus drop-off point. These toilets are on the path taken by travelers coming back from the station via rue Jehan de Beauce, at the top right of the street.

↪ The closest parking lot to the cathedral is the “cathedral” parking lot at Place Châtelet.

A little further away you will find the QPark “Coeur de ville” place des Épars, even further but still in the city center the parking “Hôtel de Ville” place des Halles, the Qpark “République” 27 rue Danièle Casanova, another one Place Drouaise and finally on the other side of the Eure, the parking “Chartres” 11 rue des 3 Détours.

↪ Parking is available to the right of the cathedral near the Café Bleu, in the downtown area, rue Noël Ballay (near the FNAC store), rue de la Croix (near the Place des Épars).

↪ Public benches are available in the Jardin de l’Évêché behind the cathedral’s chevet.

Others will welcome you under the forest canopy of the Butte des Charbonniers, as well as on the Place Châtelet and all along the Boulevard Maurice Violette in front of the media library.

For visiting groups, the Rectorat rents a room (upon reservation).

↪ Flying over the cathedral is strictly prohibited. An exemption can be requested from the Prefecture.


↪ The church does not receive any aid or subsidy, it is through your donations that you support the maintenance of the building and the continuation of the mission.

Trunks are at your disposal in the cathedral, as well as an electronic terminal that operates by credit card. You can drop off or send your donations to the Parish Secretariat (16 Cloître Notre-Dame, Chartres).

↪ Two associations are working decisively to raise – alongside the State – the funds necessary for the restoration of the cathedral: Chartres Sanctuaire du Monde, and Amis de la Cathédrale.

↪ If your sponsorship project does not directly concern the restoration of the cathedral (for example: in support of a furniture project or the creation of a liturgical object, mastery of the cathedral, great organs, etc.): contact the Rector of the cathedral.


↪ The cathedral regularly welcomes trainees, particularly in the fields of tourism, history, art history, hotel management and also in administration.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

↪ If you would like to contribute to the mission of the Church as a volunteer at the Cathedral, you can contact the Rector’s Office (16 Cloître Notre-Dame, 28000 Chartres).