The stained glass windows

The stained glass windows of Chartres cathedral

Stained glass resembles Man: when you look at it from the outside, you see nothing but a greyish and dark, dusty appearance; when it is crossed by light, that of God, it reveals images, stories, senses, symbols; it then colours and illuminates what surrounds it, and if a piece of glass is missing, the world then becomes impoverished and different.

Exceptional collection, the largest in the world…

When one says Chartres, one thinks of stained glass windows and “blue of Chartres”, that of the 12th and the other of the 13th century.
There is nothing better, to be initiated into this art, this know-how, this story told, than to come and be impregnated with these lights, this aesthetic, this historical testimony, this spirituality, to live an extraordinary experience. You will then be able to feel the “wow!”, the thrill that every visitor expresses when entering, looking up and accepting to walk within this Marian vessel…

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Interactive animation of the stained glasses

Scroll through the windows of the cathedral: the stained glass windows are progressively put online in our interactive animation. Vivid colors, accurate gestures, rich decorations: when the scenes scroll before our eyes, they still amaze us 800 years later. The texts take us to the heart of the action, with sometimes unexpected keys to reading. The characters come to life again – we are transported into the authentic universe of the Christian Middle Ages

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