Music and events

A privileged place…

In Chartres, sacred music has always held a special place, giving the celebrations an added sense of meaning and beauty.
« The same symbolism embraces even the music that can be heard in the immense vessel (…) It can be said that a performance of Wagner in Bayreuth (…) is of little consequence when compared to the celebration of the high mass in Chartres Cathedral. »

Marcel Proust

Reinforcing the proclamation of the word, liturgical music highlights the rite and supports the participation of the faithful in the expression of their faith.

The Choir Master shares with talent the emotions of choral singing, while the Gregorian Choir animates every Sunday the Gregorian Mass and once a quarter the Gregorian Vespers.

The organs give dignity and rhythm to the unfolding of the Eucharist.
Every year, the Cathedral hosts an International Festival, Summer Evenings and every two years one of the most renowned international competitions in the world.

Around the

Great Organs…

Numerous concerts take place throughout the year, highlighting the most beautiful sacred works. Among the invited ensembles are many foreign choirs and large orchestral groups.

In the summer, the Soirées Autrement are an opportunity, every Sunday evening, to hear choir members and instrumentalists resounding from the vaults.