Cycles thématiques

Cycles thématiques

To awaken the minds of the most curious, the Chartres Cathedral Visitor Service is offering a new series of tours during the low season.
Focused on specific themes chosen beforehand by the service’s guides, this category of tours allows visitors to discover the cathedral in a different way. It is intended to deepen or reveal the unsuspected and hidden particularities of the sanctuary.
You will discover the many treasures of this heritage steeped in history and will see that Chartres Cathedral is not at the end of its mysteries…

New insights into the cathedral – lectures accessible to all who want to know more.

For several years now, the Visitor Service has been offering, with undeniable success, thematic cycles (one in the spring, one in the fall).

Conferences of 1h30 / 2h, on a targeted – and sometimes unexpected – subject. For those who know how to stop in front of this immense open book, discoveries are everywhere.

Animated by our team of lecturers, they alternate a discovery in the cathedral and a projection in the room – to better see the details.

Symbolism, sense of narrative, organization of knowledge, artistic genius. Spiritual openings. Unknown interpretations. New angles of reading…

– These conferences are only in French language –

Thematic Cycle Spring 2023

This cycle ended on April 4.
Information for our next Fall theme cycle will be available in October 2023.


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