The organs

The organ at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres

At the heart of the liturgical and musical life…

The great organ of the cathedral takes part in pontifical offices, diocesan gatherings, great pilgrimages as well as certain municipal or national ceremonies.

It also supports the prayers of the faithful during the five Sunday services: early Mass on Saturday at 6:00 pm, Latin Mass at 9:00 am, High Mass at 11:00 am, Vespers at 5:45 pm and Mass at 6:30 pm (5:15 pm and 6:00 pm in winter time).

Entrance, offertory, communion and exit are the four main moments when the great organ is heard most often as a soloist. It accompanies the songs of the congregation, and joins in the motets of the Choir. It participates in the joy of the faithful at weddings or comforts families at funerals.

It is also heard at the auditions of visiting choirs and becomes a central figure during events organized by the Association des Grandes-Orgues de Chartres such as the International organ Festival and Soirées Estivales in the summer, and during the International Organ Competition « Grand Prix de Chartres » which takes place every two years, a competition recognized worldwide.

The instrument belongs to the State and is maintained by the Direction des Affaires Culturelles en Région Centre. It must be completely rebuilt from autumn 2021, for a new instrument.

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