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Tours for Individuals

Cathedral (only) Tours

The Chartres Cathedral ‘Service des Visites’ offers a general discovery tour of the sanctuary to those with a curious mind, either pilgrim or tourist. They are destined to those who wish to be informed of the Cathedral’s history, from the time of its construction to the latest discoveries.
Thanks to the tours of the cathedral, be sure to acquire enough knowledge to know everything about this great place of Christianity!


Crypt (only) Tour

The Romanesque crypt should not be missed for visitors wishing to understand the countless mysteries surrounding Chartres Cathedral. The Chartres Cathedral ‘Service des Visites’ guides will give you the key to understanding many of its secrets…
Mystical space, where you will observe Our Lady of the Crypt and understand the legends surrounding it.
You will be enthralled by other treasures, and quickly understand that the crypt is the point of origin for all of the mysteries inhabiting Our Lady of Chartres…

crypt visits and duo tickets are exceptionally suspended for the year 2021

Cathedral & Crypt Tours in English and Other Languages

From May through September, the Chartres Cathedral ‘Service des Visites’ offers a comprehensive tour of the cathedral and crypt in English, but also in Spanish during the month of August.
This is a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of this great Christian edifice where you will discover the cathedral’s surprising history, from its origins to its most recent discoveries. You will be enthralled by the countless mysteries which have been enclosed in the cathedral, down to the deepest parts of the crypt.

crypt visits and duo tickets are exceptionally suspended for the year 2021

Crypt by candlelights

Discover a new way to visit the crypt!
Wait for nightfall…
 Go back in time and find the spirit of pilgrims from the Middle Ages!
Unlike an ordinary tour, this is a full-immersion experience in darkness…
Night tours of the crypt, where visitors are surrounded by the glow of candlelight, are set to the rhythm of medieval hymns sung by the guide, and offer both a poetic and mystical reading of the Cathedral.



find below all our rates for “individual” visits


Reduced rate: Students, handicapped people with their companion, children from 10 years old (visits are free under 10 years old), religious people and pilgrims of st Jacques (on presentation of the credencial).

N.B. : For public visits, no reservation is possible. Tickets can be picked up at the Shop located on your left as you enter the cathedral.


Duo tickets – individual formula
It’s an all-inclusive formula: with the Duo tickets, combine the visit to the cathedral and the visit to the crypt for a long escape.


Crypt visits and Duo tickets are exceptionally suspended for the year 2021

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