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Cathedral (only) Tour

The Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’ offers all groups, whether pilgrims or tourists, a chance to discover the sanctuary, its history, its message, the faith of its builders and those who live there today.
These tours are offered in French or in other languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, ру́сскийязы́к, 日本語) by reservation only.

Information on (+33) 02 37 21 75 02
(visit limited to 45 people)

Crypt (only) Tour

Access to the crypt is reserved for prayer and pilgrimages.

To plan your pilgrimage, please contact us on
(+33) 02 37 21 75 02



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Themed Tours

To arouse the most curious minds, the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’ offers tours on a specific theme depending on the guide and depending on your request.
Thiis category of tours is particularly ideal for those who wish to discover the cathedral on another level. These tours are aimed to deepen or reveal unsuspected and hidden details of the sanctuary. You will discover many historically-filled treasures of this heritage site and you will find that Chartres Cathedral has the gift of surprising you…

Information on (+33) 02 37 21 75 02
(visit limited to 45 people)



To organize your tour of the cathedral with one of our guidant, in a foreign language

Visit 'CATHEDRAL alone:1h00
Visit 'CATHEDRAL alone:1h30
Informations: contact the Cathedral 'Reception & Visits Service' on +33 (0)2 37 21 75 02 or by email
or use the following forms:
- printable form (pdf)
- online registration form


Tours in English are available by reservation only by contacting the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’ by email or by phone +33 (0)2 37 21 75 02.

Visio guides are available in the gift shop.

For a private tour with Malcolm Miller or Anne Marie Woods, please contact the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’.