From the 14th century to today, history and composition of the great organ of Chartres Cathedral: Jehan de Chateaudun, Jehan de Beauce, Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, John Abbey, Joseph Guttschenritter, Pierre Firmin-Didot, Maison Danion-Gonzalez…
all those who, as organ builders, organists or patrons, have intervened over the centuries in the life of this instrument…


at the fourteenth century

In 1353, Our Lady of Chartres already has an organ: Jehan de Chateaudun figures as cathedral organist. He plays an instrument installed on the tribune with double arch wood paneled, still visible today, clinging to the second bay of the southern wall.


at the fifteenth century

In 1475, the clergy wants to see built in the same place an organ as powerful as that of the Cathedral of Poitiers. Gombault Rogerie, brother Preacher of Pons, in Saintonge, installs an instrument making talk up to 50 pipes per key: it is a great Blockwerk. The large rectangular towers pedal each receive three pipes by tower.

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Organ case by Robert FILLEUL (1546)
Reconstruction by the company DANIONGONZALEZ (1969-1971)
Rehabilitation by Jean-Marc CICCHERO (1996)

Electric console with 4 manual keyboards of 56 notes, and a pedalboard of 32 notes.

The great organ of Chartres Cathedral is equipped with a Joël PETRIQUE electronic combiner of 8,848 combinations, organized in 33 workspaces.
Each workspace has 16 series, and each series has 16 combinations (a total of 256 combinations per space).
Each workspace also offers 2 programmable crescendi.

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Galerie photos

buffet du grand orgue de la cathédrale de Chartres © P. Frémont
console du grand orgue de la cathédrale de Chartres © L. Bouis
panneau droit de la console, avec le combinateur
sommier du clavier d’écho © A. Petitdemange
tuyauterie de l’écho © A. Petitdemange
signature de Robert Filleul, 1546 © JM Cicchero
signature de Robert Filleul, 1546 © JM Cicchero
signature de Robert Filleul, 1546 © JM Cicchero
© Pk Delabre
© A. Petitdemange
© A. Petitdemange
© A. Petitdemange