An original visit proposed by the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’
This tour is available in French only

Between faith, legend and history…

visites, mystères de la cathédrale, Chartres

The Cathedral’s Visitor Service offers you a journey into the fascinating symbols of a sacred place: a temple, heir to Solomon’s.

As you walk through the Cathedral, you’ll discover legends surrounding the statues.

The nail of the summer solstice will reveal you its reason of being.

The labyrinth will reveal its deep meaning, its history and its message for the present time.

The builders and the imagers of the Middle Ages, through enigmatic signs, will teach you the mysteries of life: time and eternity, the human and the divine, Earth and Heaven…

A visit to read an immense book of stones and glass, carrying a universal message.


– the visits start at 2:30 pm, last 2 hours, and are only in French language

– the RV point is at the cathedral store (see on the map)

Contact the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’ by phone on (+33) 2 37 21 75 02 or by e-mail



Friday, May 3 at 2:30 pm
Friday, June 5 at 2:30 pm

Contact the Chartres Cathedral ‘Reception & Visits Service’ by phone on (+33) 2 37 21 75 02 or by e-mail

summer solstice, Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral
Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral
tetramorph, Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral
stained glass extract, Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral
labyrinth, Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedral