The Holly Tunic sculpted in wood :


Chartres - Southern gallery of John the Baptist in the crypt, a view of the closed doors, 17th century © G. Geoffrion
Tunic situated above the area in the sacristy where the Holy Oils (the oil of the catechumens, the oil for the sick, and the holy chrism oil) are kept. After the body and blood of Christ, the three holy oils are the most precious and respected sacramental gifts of the Catholic Church © G. Geoffrion
Twelve shirts are found on this long beam which hung across the entire choir. Both sides are covered with sculpted bas-reliefs. On the extrados were placed torches and candles. During Lent, a long white veil, symbol of the veil of the Temple, was placed on the intrados (7) © G. Geoffrion
Detail of one of the tunics on the beam © G. Geoffrion
Detail of another tunic on the beam © G. Geoffrion
Tunic found on one of the stalls of the choir. Two are located on southern stalls, and two are located on northern stalls (A fifth shirt, illustrated later, can be found on the Bishop’s pulpit in the choir) © G. Geoffrion
Shirt found on the pulpit of the Nave. It was sculpted by Jacques Guitard in 1811 © A. Louët
One of the collection boxes found on either side of Our Lady of the Pillar, 1831 © G. Geoffrion
Episcopal pulpit, south side of the choir. Sculpted by a woodworker from Chartres, Mr. Guitard, in 1822 © G. Geoffrion
Tunic found on a panel to the right of Our Lady of the Pillar, 1831 © G. Geoffrion
A chair from the crypt marked with seal of the chapter © A. Louët
Basilica Insignia of the Chartres Cathedral. On one side the Holy Tunic of the Chapter is painted on one side. A representation of Our Lady of the Pillar is found on the other © G. Geoffrion