The Holly Tunic, other images in the cathedral :

Metal tunic made during the Second World War which belonged to the now deceased Abbé Émile Manuel © J. Geoffrion
Tunic at the top of the St. Lazarus stained-glass grisaille window found in the southwest transept © J. Geoffrion
Stained-glass window dedicated to Fulbert that was given by the American Institute of Architechs in 1954 © J. Geoffrion
Four tunics found in a stained-glass window in the Piat Chapel which served as the Chapter’s Chapel © J. Geoffrion
Tunic found on the side of a stained-glass grisaille window in the south ambulatory © J. Geoffrion
Door of the armoire which is called “The Grand Tabernacle.” This large storage space in the choir was once used to house the reliquary of the Veil © J. Geoffrion
Stained-glass window of the lower sacristy of the crypt which was been used since the 17th century. It was the Chapel of Saint Veronica before that © J. Geoffrion
Element from the bottom of the reliquary of the Veil of Mary © J. Geoffrion
Lock from the external door of the north porch © J. Geoffrion
Outer choir sculpture of the tunic held by two angels © J. Geoffrion
On of the the thirty-six bas-reliefs on the lower portion of the sculptural ensemble of the outer choir. This one is part of a series which are found in medallions inserted in diamonds that overlay squares and are found with small angels or other figures © J. Geoffrion