For a participating assembly…

Cantors – also called “liturgical animators” or “chant animators”lead and support the singing of the congregation, making it a true participant in the liturgical action and encouraging prayer.

The Instruction “De Musica in Sacra Liturgia” published in 1967 states:
“The sufficiently trained cantor should know how to direct and support the faithful themselves. It is good to have a cantor in the churches in view of the celebrations which should be accompanied with a certain solemnity by singing”.

The cantor fulfills a ministerial function; he is at the service of the liturgy on the one hand, and of the community celebrating on the other. They are the first servants of the singing assembly. Those who have the qualities of a singer put their gift at the service of prayer and song. Spirituality is an important part of this role.

The group of animators also has a role of reflection on the liturgical activities of the Cathedral and the orientations of the repertoire, in connection with the pastor and the organists.