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Malcolm MILLER

Malcolm MILLER has been guiding at Chartres Cathedral since 1958, and claims that he is still learning about it !
He has written several books, made TV documentaries, and lectured widely in the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Sweden at some of the most prestigious universities : Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Uppsala, Princeton, UCLA. Museums - The National Gallery and Smithsonian in Washington, the Chicago Art Institute (17 times). And churches, The National Cathedral Washington, St. John the Divine, NYC and St. Peter's Cathedral, Adelaide and many more.
To thank Mr. MILLER for his work at Chartres, he has received from the French Government two of its highest civilian honours : Knight of the National Order of Merit and Knight of the Order of Arts ans Letters.
Malcolm MILLER'S Chartres Cathedral lecture-tours are :
  from Easter until the end of October at 12 noon and 2.45 p.m. , but not on Sundays or if there is a religious ceremony.
No reservations are needed, and the meeting-point is inside the cathedral at the entry to the gift-shop in the north tower.

  from November until Easter only one lecture is given at 12 noon, if there are 8 or more participants, and if Mr. MILLER is in residence.
Private tours with Mr. MILLER can also be arranged by e-mail :
or telephone +33 (0) 237 28 15 58

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