The Chartres Cathedral ‘Service des Visites’ offers an original tour inspired by the Office of Tourism

Wait for nightfall…
Go back in time and find the spirit of pilgrims from the Middle Ages!

Unlike an ordinary tour, this is a full-immersion experience in darkness…

Night tours of the crypt, where visitors are surrounded by the glow of candlelight, are set to the rhythm of medieval hymns sung by the guide, and offer both a poetic and mystical reading of the Cathedral.
Come let yourself be immersed – for individuals or groupstake the path of ancestors and experience the legendary stories within these walls, overflowing with history.
Let yourself be transported by the sacred appeal of this place and discover a brand new way of visiting the crypt.
Our guide – a true storyteller for the occasion – will take you take you back in time as part of this great candlelight vigil.

Comments from our visitors:

“We put ourselves in the shoes of a pilgrim who is following their path”

“Take the same road as the tired pilgrims did in 1150, in the darkness of the crypt and surrounded by candlelight. At the time, they went there to sleep and to pray”

“We discover magnificent medieval statues appearing bit by bit as our light explores the space. We can admire the sundial angel as well as the ancient well, which gives an even more vertical sense to the cathedral. We also learn about the baptismal ceremony which takes place in the crypt and how light and song come alive as the newly baptized emerge from the crypt.” 

“We enter by a small door and exit by a great one. Before going back outside, we go through the cathedral, in darkness, while the organist is practicing his art. Just try to imagine….”

“There is no light in the crypt of the church. So every Friday night, it is possible to go with the guide through the immense crypt by candlelight”

“All you have to do is clear your mind and imagine yourself in the Middle ages and follow the stories and chants of the passionate guide. There is nothing simpler yet so magical. A jump back in time, something you need to experience yourself”

“At 10 p.m., visitors are invited to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims who walked there during the Middle Ages. This tour is strongly emphasized by the spirituality of the place


The 2021 program is still being planned: do not hesitate to regularly check our calendar or to send an email to the Cathedral’s ‘Service des Visites’.