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Contribute to the Restoration of the Cathedral

All the information on the work on the Cathedral of Chartres can be found here on the website of the DRAC Centre

The work that is sponsored…

Sponsored work on the Cathedral is driven and financed by the State – owner of the structure (under the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs for the Centre region – DRAC Centre). The goal is to revive interest from the people of Chartres as well as visitors.
The sites to be worked on include the facades:  the north façade (1997-99), the south façade – except for the portal (2007-8), the western façade (2008, balustrade and Gallery of Kings/2010-12).
For the interior, another work site (2008 until 2015) was present that made some radical changes for our perception: the original whitewash was cleaned, the structural lines were touched up in white, emphasizing the incomparable dynamic architecture, while the ochre coating and faux smooth surface helped to create this atmosphere.
The restoration of the stained glass has also been pursued since 1986.
The action of the sponsors is determined, making Chartres an example. You can learn more about the associations for safeguarding here.
Since the vigorous entry on January 1st, 2008, the ordinance from September 8, 2005 relating (between others) to historic monuments, it is the owner of the monument that directs the contract work.
Also, it is the State,
Direction régionale des affaires culturelles du Centre
6, rue de la Manufacture - 45043 ORLÉANS Cedex
tél. : - télécopie :
who assures the contract work for the monuments belonging to it, including cathedrals.
The works are followed by:
- Chief Architect for Historic Monument:
Marie-Suzanne de PONTHAUD
- Architect for Buildings in France, manager of STAP 28:
Marie-Laure PETIT, conservator of the structure
- Regional Conservator of Historic Monuments:
Frédéric AUBANTON (since January 1, 2012)
- Conservator of Historic Monuments:
- Conservator of Antiquties and Art Objects:
- Engineer of Preservation:
Press Contacts:
- Communication Supervisor (DRAC Centre):
Marie-Hélène PRIET phone: 02 38 78 85 39/59
For more information: visit  here for the DRAC Centre website







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