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the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Sanctuary of pilgrimages to Mary, masterpiece of religious art from the 12th and 13th centuries, world renown for the 176 stained-glass windows and 9 sculpted portal entries, the first Cathedral in France to be listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List (1979), the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres proposes different ways to discover the richness of the Cathedral:
  Public Tour - given by the Service Accueil et Visites in a variety of languages (Please consult their web page for more information).
  Private group - reservations can be made with the Service Accueil-Visites in a variety of languages. For a large group, we offer the use of microphones and headsets so that nothing is missed.
  Audioguide - independent and at your own pace, audioguides can be rented from the gift shop located inside the Cathedral (located at the base of the North Tower).
The Cathedral of Chartres wishes you to have a wonderful visit and hope to see you soon!
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